Howdy and welcome! My name is Maia, I'm a word nerd, and I'm here to help. In my manuscript critiques I provide developmental and structural feedback, focusing on content flow, clarity, pacing, as well as character, plot, and genre details and other critical story elements. I also point out grammar, punctuation, and other usage issues when I catch 'em—which is pretty often ☺. I provide in-line notes in your wip as well as an in-depth beta reader letter and I take a very flexible approach to working with my clients—if it's a good fit for you to send me 10,000 words every week, and you want me to focus on a specific element (like character or plot development) I'm happy to work with your schedule and requirements, and I particularly enjoy working with authors who write in a series.

As a novelist with a couple of years working at Kobo under my belt, I have a pretty good understanding of the writing biz, and my feedback is prompt, reliable, and supportive. My clients range from newbies to bestselling authors, and all are welcome—but please note that the best way to get the most out of your manuscript evaluation is to send me the cleanest, most developed copy you can.

"Her work was superb...Highly recommend."   USA Today bestselling author John Ellsworth
"She's awesome -- I send everything to her now."   USA Today bestselling author Christine Pope

AVAILABILITY: Please contact me; I have good availability right now.

RATES: Words are $0.004 USD each ($4 per 1,000 words); anything under 15,000 words is a flat $60. If you've never used my services before I'll beta read 1,500 words (about 5 pages) for free and with no obligation so you can see if my feedback style is a fit for you before you have to break out the dough.

GENRES: I am open to reading a wide variety of fiction genres—including erotica—and different lengths (short story, novella, epic novel...)

TURNAROUND TIME: As an approximate guide, I can turn around an 80,000 word wip in two weeks. I'm also willing to read a set amount per week, which can be a good fit for serial writers or for more in-depth coaching.